Forensic Medical Examiners

Specialized Doctors

Our panel of medical examiners specialize in causation and have a true grasp of compensability. Our panels consults in Workers Compensation, General Liability, Auto Liability & Malpractice Claims, on a nationwide basis. Our panel of medical examiners have been able to be effective in changing the opinions of other medical professionals and place the claims in a great posture for defending the case.

Forensic Medical Records Review and Biomechanical Services
By using these services our goal is to determine causation, the how, and the why of each claimed injury. This will significantly increase your chances of defending the claim VS an IME that can waver from their original opinion, becoming a treating physician or limited in their specialty. Adjusters should know there are greater & more efficient tools. Our panel of FME physicians are Forensic Medical Examiners as well as a medical expert witnesses & all are available nationwide. Costs can be saved versus an IME as no TTD needs to be paid, no FCM charges & the claimant’s attorney doesn’t need to be advised.

Module 1
Basic Forensic Medical Record Review – which includes review of all records to address causation and if claim is defendable, a written opinion as well as conversations with the adjuster.


Module 2
This includes Module #1 as well as consultation with the defense attorney in order to assist in forming the exact questions the attorney needs answered to best position the case.


Module 3
This includes #1 & 2 as well as the medical expert working closely with the attorney in order to assist with preparation of cross examination questions as well as depositions.


Please note that there will be an additional charge above and beyond the chosen module cost if additional body parts need to be reviewed, elongated or multiple conversations regarding the case to the adjuster, medical providers or counsel, travel time and expenses, and elongated reports. If such a situation presents itself, we will notify the proper person who is handling the file of these possible charges in advance.

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Ime vs. forensic medical exam
IME: limited in their specialty, additional charges for each body part, travel costs, No-Show
fees & TTD fees

FME: specializes in all body parts, systems and body mechanics. No additional cost for added body parts or all the associated costs .Most importantly he will not waver in his opinion and become a treater.

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