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Specializing in injury claims Investigations

We offer services from an à la carte level to an all inclusive SIU program. Our objective is to offer you the assistance needed to gather intelligent data for your decision making process. Let us know what your needs are and we will customize a program for your organization.

Our SIU department conducts and coordinates the following investigations: AOE/COE, accident investigations, alive and well checks, recorded interviews, person location, clinic inspections, fraud referrals, scene investigation, overtime abuse, attendance abuse and corporate policy violations.

If your organization does not have an SIU department or you just need assistance, we can help develop: fraud plans, fraud manuals, SIU operating manual and implement a red flags system to identify fraud.

With our flat rate pricing there are no charges for millage, travel time, or miscellaneous expenses. There are no unexpected costs so you will stay within your reserves. We offer ½ days and full days that are customized to capture claimant activity. We have a singular focus with surveillance: Obtain video that’s relevant to your claim.

Video can be viewed the next business day, online.
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We use the popularity of social networking sites to gather and verify personal pages on some of the following: Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Craigslist, E-Bay, blogs, public dating sites or web pages that are found associated with your subject.

In addition to a one time search for social networks, we offer a monthly review of all social network sites that your claimant has a profile on. We review these sites for additional future activity or updates on a monthly basis. As valuable information comes up, our staff can provide consultation on the best way to handle upcoming events or scheduling surveillance around an activity. Our Continual Monitoring is offered in 6 month blocks on a flat rate and includes a monthly summary update.
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Medical Searches
The purpose of these investigations is to uncover pre-existing conditions and undisclosed medical treatments. We will locate and obtain detailed information on office visits, testing, treatments and prescriptions filled. Our medical records searches are cost effective and include an extensive number of locations for a flat rate.
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Activities Check/Neighborhood Canvass
The activity check is a discreet investigation that includes: interviewing neighbors, verifying the claimant’s residence, documenting the registered vehicles at the claimant’s residence, social security verification and telephone verification. We will assess the general area for surveillance set up and document tell-tale signs of claimant active such as: motorcycles, RV’s, campers, lawn and garden conditions, tools and toys around the residence.

Alive and Well Verification
Georgantas Claims offers in-person, recorded interviews with your claimant to assure that the subject is still alive and well. We will document the subject activity level, get a photo ID, verify the social security number, verify the subject’s living conditions, get updated contact information, identify if the subject is currently still receiving, treatments, and is cohabiting .

Photo Cases (Accident Scene documentation)
Once an accident has occurred it is imperative to document and preserve the integrity of the scene. We are available with little or no notice and will have one of our skilled investigators deployed to the accident scene to obtain photos, video reenactment, or diagrams of where or how the accident occurred.

It is also best to also get witness statements from all parties involved

"Witness“/ Individual Location
Georgantas Claims uses a mixture of investigative techniques to track down witnesses and confirm their locations.  This can be a covert operation if necessary.

Claims Reviews
Georgantas Claims offers monthly, quarterly, and annual claims reviews. We will review any and all files for any fraudulent or suspicious activity by identifying red flags.  We will answer any questions and help establish budgetary guide lines, as well as recommend whether you should guide this claim in a different direction.

Georgantas Claims offers presentations on a myriad of investigations topics from the absolute basics to a how to get the most out of investigation, and when or even if to use investigative services. The presentations are offered at no charge and are tailored to the audience.

AOE/COE Investigations

The goal of an AOE/COE investigation is to obtain the details
of a claim needed to make the determination if an employee’s injury was arising out of his/her employment and/or if the employee was in the course of their employment at the time of the injury.

Georgantas Claims Service will provide a professional representation of your company
to the insureds during claim investigations. Our investigators differentiate themselves from our competitors in that they understand claim compensability and are able to apply that knowledge to the investigation from the start.

This is a crucial characteristic for AOE/COE investigation that makes the difference in asking the right questions instead of simply gathering irrelevant information. It is imperative that the investigator know the claim handling process and gain the proper details so that the adjuster can make a fair decision on the file.